What’s in a Word? IDC Sets Intentions for 2024

by the IDC Buzz Staff

For many of us, the turn of a new year represents not just a change in the calendar but an opportunity to reflect on where we’ve been and where we might like to go next. And while new year’s resolutions aren’t exactly our thing, we asked IDC TA providers and staff to share with us either a word or brief phrase that they’re keeping close to their minds and hearts as they look forward to a season of renewal and possibility.

Amy Bitterman: Growth and gratitude

Kelley Blas: Patient endurance

Julie Bollmer: Accountability

Kailey Bunch-Woodson: Lean into difficult or uncomfortable situations.

Tanya Collins: Creative: Encouraging inventive and unconventional thinking, exploring new avenues of expression and visual appeal.

Silvia DeRuvo: Live a simple life to its fullest.

Andrea Ditter: Balanced

Fred Edora: Level up

Austin Ferrier: Have grace for both others and yourself.

Nicole Garcia: Balance

Susan Hayes: Gratitude

Nancy Johnson: Positive synergy

Laura Kuchle: Pragmatic optimism

Terry Long:  Live your passion.

Christina MacDonald: Gratitude

Dan Mello: Patience

Jeanna Mullins: Imagine new possibilities.

Jason Miller: Empathy and kindness

Courtney Montgomery: Growth…professional, mental…in all the ways!

Tom Munk: Watching grandbaby grow!

Kate Nagle: How time flies when working with such great and supportive colleagues!

Tamara Nimkoff: Build new connections.

Audrey Rudick: Nurturing creativity

Jennifer Schaaf: Looking up!

Amber Stohr: Balance. I’m working to improve the balance of the different aspects of my personal and professional life.

Lee Anne Sulzberger: Positive alignment

Chris Thacker: Ready to roll!

Sherry Thomas: New year, fresh start!

Sarah Walters: Renew

Mary Watson: Hopeful

Tamala Williams: Continuous professional growth

Those are our words. What are yours? Whatever they might be, we at IDC wish you great fortune, good data, and a road that rises always beneath your feet.