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Is your state ready to improve the quality of its Part B IDEA data? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This page connects your state with the full range of IDC services. Data quality events, news, and links to meet your very own IDC State Liaison: It’s all right here.

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Individual State TA

IDC bases its individual state TA efforts on the development of strong relationships with you and your state or local team that emphasize confidence, trust, and mutual respect. Whatever your immediate needs, our TA team is here to offer timely, flexible, and individually tailored service that is simply not available anywhere else.

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Peer Groups

Do you enjoy sharing and learning with your colleagues about data quality challenges and solutions? If so, our IDC peer groups might just be for you. From our Data Quality Peer Groups and Peer-to-Peer Exchanges to the Data Manager Connection and more, these facilitated events bring state role groups together to discuss and collaborate on the data quality issues of greatest importance to you and your state right now in an environment that is informal and informative. 


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SPP/APR Review


We want to remind you that we are offering each state the opportunity to have IDC staff review drafts of your SPP/APR indicators, including the SSIP. But the clock is ticking so don’t hesitate to reach out to IDC for review and feedback.To take advantage of this opportunity, please contact your IDC State Liaison.

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Podcast: A Date with Data

Do you enjoy podcasts? Are you a fan of data? Then IDC's A Date with Data podcast is for you. Join host Amy Bitterman as she chats with state and district special education staff, who, just like you, are dealing with IDEA data every day. Real experiences. Real talk. Tune in today.

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Quick References and Guides

Looking for quick information or to learn more about IDC resources? Here’s a great way to start.

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Comprehensive IDC Part B Tool & Product List

This resource is a list of IDC produced Part B tools and products arranged by topic area. The list provides a brief description and link to each tool or product. Users can quickly scan for useful tools and products to ensure that they have explored...

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FFY 2020–2025 SPP/APR Resources At-a-Glance

The FFY 2020–2025 SPP/APR Resources At-a-Glance is a list of resources from OSEP and IDC that states can use to support their understanding and actions related to the FFY 2020–2025 Part B SPP/APR.

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2024 Quick References for IDEA Part B Data

This updated resource contains basic information about IDEA data collections, data systems, and how to access resources for IDEA data.

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Instant Replay

Busy day prevent you from attending an IDC online event? Never fear! Visit our dedicated YouTube channel to catch up on everything you missed out on at your own pace.

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Making Some Noise

Weblogs, questions and answers, stories from the field: Our IDC team has tales to tell and lessons to impart. Check this space for our stories, our voices, updated frequently.

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