2024 Quick References for IDEA Part B Data

This updated collection of IDEA Part B data references brings essential information about IDEA data requirements together in one place. This includes essential contacts, EDFacts due dates, the 618 data collection and submission timeline, quick links, frequently used acronyms and abbreviations, and SPP/APR indicator data sources. Both new data managers and experienced state staff who work with IDEA data should find the resource useful.

Companion Resources

These are resources that supplement the resource above.

An IDC Resource

Format: Applications and Spreadsheets

618 Data Collection Calendar

Who doesn't love a good calendar? This tool serves as a reference for states as they plan for the timely and accurate submission of their 618 data collections. Simply select a month to view the data collection and corresponding tasks and activities for that month, or select a report to view a monthly breakdown of activities and related resources. 

An IDC Resource

Format: Reference Materials

APR Indicator Data Sources

Do you need a table that connects each SPP/APR Indicator with its required data source? This is that.

Related Content

An IDC Resource

Format: Toolkits

SEA Data Processes Toolkit

Using the SEA Data Processes Toolkit to document data processes for all 616 and 618 data collections will establish a well-managed process for data collection, validation, and submission. In collaboration with IDC State Liaisons, states can use the toolkit to create and maintain a culture of high-quality data and establish and support consistent practices that produce valid and reliable data, while building the capacity of state staff.