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    Format: Presentations

    Supporting and Reporting CEIS

    Panel presenters from IDC, NCSI, and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction discussed CEIS including required and voluntary implementation as well as activities that may be provided using these funds. Presenters also reviewed IDC's Navigating CEIS White Paper and FAQ documents and discussed data and fiscal requirements for LEAs implementing this program. Additionally, Rachel Zellmer described how Wisconsin administers CEIS and works with its LEAs to ensure appropriate services are provided that maximize impact while addressing, if appropriate, why the LEA was identified.

    Format: Presentations

    Collecting and Using Data on Improvement Strategies

    Information focuses on ways to collect and use data on coherent improvement strategies and assess gaps in existing data for evaluation and provides examples of existing data or information states are already collecting (e.g., through monitoring) and how to use that data to measure SSIP activities. A helpful handout is included.

    Format: Presentations

    Measuring Growth and Impact in SIMR Areas by Subgroups

    The presentation provides an overview of data concerns that states should consider when measuring growth and impact in SIMR areas targeting subgroups (e.g., students with limited English proficiency or a specific disability category). Topics explored include sample size, use of achievement tests or alternative measures, and test validity and sensitivity.

    Format: Reference Materials

    Accessing Technical Assistance on IDEA Fiscal Issues

    This flyer is meant to help states better understand the three TA centers that are responsible for responding to issues regarding IDEA fiscal reporting and data collection: IDC, CIFR, and NCSI .The flyer contains, a chart with each center’s objectives and activities that are related to IDEA fiscal data.