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    An IDC Resource

    Format: Toolkits and Templates

    Part C Indicator Data Display Wizard

    This Version 2.0 of the Data Display Wizard creates data displays based on user entry of SPP/APR data. The tool gives users various options for displaying that data. LA staff can use this tool to engage with various stakeholders on how to best display reported SPP/APR data based on the audience, message, and purpose of the desired report or presentation.

  • An IDC Resource

    Format: Toolkits

    Why, What, Who, and HOW: Improving State Reporting of Local Performance

    This toolkit provides an overview of the public reporting requirements in IDEA Section 616 and provides suggestions to present local performance in easy-to-understand formats. SEAs and Part C lead agencies (LAs) must report on the annual performance of their LEAs and early childhood local programs on the targets in the SPP. The toolkit includes the Section 616 legislation and provides information about the why, what, who, and how of state reporting of local performance data.

  • Format: Presentations

    Making APR Local Determinations Meaningful

    In this session, Tennessee shared recent improvements the state made to its process for making annual local determinations as required under IDEA. The Tennessee process demonstrates how the state uses IDEA Section 618 and other data to measure an LEA’s performance toward meeting state targets of the SPP/APR for various indicators and how use of these results is ultimately part of the determination decisionmaking process. Tennessee included the results of these annual determinations in its annual submission of the MOE Reduction and CEIS data.

    Format: Presentations

    What's in a sample: When to adjust your sampling plan!!

    IDC staff joined the NPSO Community of Practice call December 11 to present examples for states to consider that would constitute a change of their sampling plans. Staff explained how states can get TA on sampling from IDC. The call also offered a refresher on the NPSO sampling and response calculators that states can use for their SPP/APR work.

    An IDC Resource

    Format: Presentations

    Data Managers: Sharing Strategies and Solutions for Common Challenges

    This role-alike presentation was a facilitated discussion by Part B Data Managers to explore strategies and solutions for meeting common challenges, such as working with LEAs to improve data quality, cross walking EDFacts data to SPP/APR indicators, and verifying that requirements for making data available to the public are fully met.