Public Reporting of Section 618 Data: Regulations, Processes, and Pitfalls

IDEA requires that states publicly report Section 618 data. To assist SEA special education directors and data managers in meeting these requirements, IDC is developing a TA tool to simplify regulatory language and requirements into one document that includes process tips and pitfalls. The presentation highlighted existing practice across the country and provided opportunity for attendees to review the current draft of the proposed TA tool.

Improving Data, Improving Outcomes Conference and Big B Add-on Day - Sept 8-11 2014

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An IDC Resource

Format: Applications and Spreadsheets

SEA EDFacts Edit Check and Data Display Tools

IDC's SEA and LEA EDFacts Edit Check and Data Display Tools for assisting states as they prepare their Part B data submissions. States can use the tools to identify potential edit check errors or errors in subtotals or totals prior to submitting the data to OSEP. Several of the tools are updated versions of the DTS originally published by (DAC), and this resource includes a zip file of 508 accessible versions of those tools. The MOE and CEIS Edit Check and Data Display Tools that IDC and CIFR developed allows states to input LEA-level data into the base data tab and generates edit check messages that are displayed in the auto-calculations tab.

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An IDC Resource

Format: Applications and Spreadsheets

Section 618 Public Reporting Requirements

This tool provides an overview of the public reporting requirements for IDEA Section 618 and processes for fulfilling the requirements. The tool annotates Section 618 legislation to name relevant data collections, file specifications documents, and user guides. Through a question-and-answer format, the tool highlights common processes and critical considerations to complete the requirements and points to external resources for further support.