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    Format: Presentations

    Building State Capacity About Key Measurement and Evaluation Issues

    The workshop focused on three IDC SSIP white papers: Implications of Growth Modeling for SSIP; Performance Indicators As a Tool for Measuring Progress Toward a SIMR; and Considerations for Making Changes to SIMR Baseline and Targets. During the workshop, participants were able to talk to and learn from participants from other states and provide input for the development of IDC white papers that address growth modeling, measuring progress toward a SIMR, and changing baseline and targets. The three white papers are currently in draft form and undergoing revisions based on input from the field. Published papers will be posted to the IDC Resource Library and affiliated as companion resources to the handout posted for this session.

    Format: Presentations

    Leveraging State and Local Partners to Build TA Infrastructure Capacity

    The presentation offers guidance on integrating implementation efforts across and within agencies, which promotes and supports efficient cross-sector work, resulting in less duplication of effort, a more sustainable system, and increased capability across the system. This information focuses on how states and local programs can use the SISEP Initiative Tool to achieve this integration. Helpful handouts are included.

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    Capacity Building: Drafting an Evaluation Blueprint

    In this large group panel session, staff from IDC and PBIS described their work in building capacity for and assessing state and district implementation of early intervention and special education practices. Presenters also discussed how they proceeded with evaluating the work of building capacity in selected sites. After each project presentation, a state or district professional from a selected site discussed the opportunities and challenges they experienced in building and evaluating capacity and the valuable lessons they learned.

    Format: Reference Materials

    Making the Right Call: Improving State Capacity to Meet the Data Collection and Reporting Requirements

    This flyer is meant to help states better understand the content focus of the four TA Centers whose support will build state capacity to use high-quality data to improve outcomes for children with disabilities: CIFR, CIID, IDC, and DaSy.

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    Increasing Your State’s Capacity to Share Your Data Effectively

    In this workshop, states set the stage by telling a story of how they engage stakeholders using data visualization techniques for effective communication. Session presenters introduced the IDC Part B Indicator Data Display Wizard to help states create data displays quickly and easily using SPP/APR data. In an interactive activity, participants discussed their current experiences with data use and communication and how the IDC Part B Indicator Data Display Wizard can help them create or improve a state’s current data visualization and communication process.

    Format: Presentations

    Exploring Early Childhood Funding Streams and Resources to Build Infrastructure Capacity and Support Implementation

    The presentation offers information about how to leverage federal, state, and local funding streams and initiatives that may support improvement to state infrastructure for implementation of the SSIP. Helpful handouts are included with this posting.

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    Format: Podcasts

    Data Informed Decisionmaking Is Evergreen: A Date with Data in Washington State

    Episode 16

    Release Date: January 12, 2023

    Guests: Julie Dean, Early Childhood Special Education Inclusion Specialist;  Ryan Guzman, 619 Coordinator and SSIP Lead, with the Washington Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction; and Kathy Lenihan, Inclusionary Projects Coordinator with ESD 105

    How states go about data informed decisionmaking is as diverse as the states themselves. In this episode of A Date with Data, host Amy Bitterman chats with Julie Dean, Early Childhood Special Education Inclusion Specialist; Ryan Guzman, 619 Coordinator and SSIP Lead with the Washington Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction; and Kathy Lenihan, Inclusionary Projects Coordinator with Educational Service District 105.  Join them to learn more about their State Systemic Improvement Plan’s (SSIP) unique focus on social emotional learning in early childhood.