The Assessment Data Journey: Are We There Yet?

Data for Part B Indicator 3 follow a long and complicated process that begins when a student is registered as a test taker in a state assessment system and ends with public reporting via the SPP/APR. Multiple factors are involved in this process, and regular and ongoing communication and collaboration among the various people involved can make this process easier. This suite of four resources can help states with the work. The interactive infographic provides general information about the process for a typical state. It provides insights about instances where building additional understanding of key terms, expectations, and processes among staff may be helpful; crucial points where the special education process differs from that of general education; instances where possible challenges or miscommunications may arise; and opportunities for staff across divisions to collaborate to support timely, accurate, and complete submission of data. The PowerPoint presentation includes all the information contained in the infographic in a presentation format. In addition, IDC developed a short handout about the Assessment Data Journey infographic and a Dialogue Guide that can serve as a starting point in using The Assessment Data Journey: Are We There Yet resources to improve collaboration across divisions related to the assessment data process.