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    Format: Presentations

    Activities That Support Improvement in a Part C SIMR

    The presentation providing guiding questions to help states connect SSIP Phase I and Phase II planning.

    Format: Presentations

    Improving Infrastructure to Support SSIP Implementation

    The presentation provides information to help states think about the early steps and process for infrastructure development. The ECTA System Framework is a reference on specific components of the systems identified for improvement. Helpful handouts are included with this posting.

    Format: Presentations

    Tools for SSIP Evaluation: System Framework and Benchmarks of Quality

    The presentation provides practical suggestions and guidance to help states begin their evaluation work. States can learn about tools for (1) building their evaluation team and (2) measuring improvements to system infrastructure.

    Format: Presentations

    IDEA and FERPA Privacy Provisions — Understanding the Basics

    This presentation informed participants of the privacy provisions under IDEA Part C, IDEA Part B, and FERPA. It covered the basics surrounding the legal requirements related to the protection of PII about children with disabilities and where to go for help with questions about privacy. The audience for the presentation included administrators and practitioners who are concerned with providing services for children and youth while maintaining the privacy of the children and youth they are serving.