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    Now You See It: Seeing the Story in the Data

    This session demonstrated creative ways data are being displayed to tell the story of IDEA and other data. Participants heard from states that are displaying data in ways that tell data stories and convey meaning to stakeholders and the public. Participants also saw ways to access various online federal education data. This session offered participants online resources and websites about effective data displays.

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    Show Me the Data – Data Visualization and Presentation Webinar Series (Parts 1 and 2)

    Recordings of a pair of introductory webinar sessions on data visualization are available to watch.

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    Visualizing IDEA Data

    IDC staff provided an introduction to data visualization approaches that are particularly useful for presenting IDEA data for the public. Participants learned simple strategies, chart types, and report styles that can be used to visualize the state’s data using Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and free online tools. Presenters also provided a set of activities so participants can continue developing their capacity in follow-up to the interactive institute.

    Format: Toolkits and Templates

    Data Visualization Toolkit: Tools & Tips for Presenting Data Effectively

    The purpose of the toolkit is to help state Part C and Part B staff effectively create and use engaging data displays. For each data visualization topic, the toolkit presents a comprehensive set of resources and information, including design principles, data considerations, accessibility tips, general how-to’s, examples, and sample tools. DaSy and NCSI partnered to create the toolkit.

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    Beyond Data Submissions: Communicating Your Data to Stakeholders

    This session focused on how to best communicate high-quality data by applying different strategies to prepare data for dissemination and use. Topics covered in this session included the importance of understanding the audience, how stakeholder needs can vary when understanding and interpreting data, why data governance is a key component in planning data communication activities, and why accessibility is important. This session highlighted sections of the Data Use component of the IDEA Data Center Part B Data System Framework.