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IDEA Part B Data Manager Competencies

The IDEA Part B Data Manager Competencies tool outlines foundational knowledge and skills necessary for typical data manager roles and responsibilities. The competencies reflect principles for effective management, support, and use of high-quality IDEA Part B data.  The competencies fall under one of three overarching categories: content knowledge and skills, technical knowledge and skills, and interpersonal skills. In recognition of the diversity in experience of data managers, every competency has two proficiency levels, with proficiency level one (L1) focusing on knowledge and skills for newer data managers or those with a more limited scope of work and proficiency level two (L2) focusing on knowledge and skills for more experienced data managers or those with more expansive responsibilities. The tool establishes common understanding of data manager responsibilities; provides definitions of key terms and highlights relevant resources; and outlines expectations of the data manager role for newer staff. States and staff also can use the tool to identify professional development opportunities for more experienced data managers.                                                                                              

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  • Published:
    Nov 4, 2020
  • Authors:
    Susan Davis, Chris Thacker, Tiffany Boyd, Rachel Wilkinson
  • Organizations:
    IDEA Data Center
  • Format:
    Toolkits and Templates
  • Number of Pages:
    34 pages.
  • Topics:
    Part B
  • Suggested Citation:

    Davis, S., Thacker, C., Boyd, T., and Wilkinson, R. (2020, November). IDEA Part B Data Manager Competencies. IDEA Data Center. Rockville, MD: Westat.

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