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Why, What, Who, and HOW: Improving State Reporting of Local Performance

This toolkit provides an overview of the public reporting requirements in IDEA Section 616. SEAs and Part C lead agencies (LAs) must report on the annual performance of their LEA and early childhood local programs on the targets in the state’s performance plan (SPP). The toolkit includes the Section 616 legislation and provides information about why, what, who, and how LEA/LA performance data can be reported. The user-friendly, web-based toolkit allows state directors, 619 coordinators, Part C leadership, data managers, and other internal and external stakeholders to better understand the scope of what must be reported annually about each LEA/LA. The resource goes also beyond the basic requirements for reporting and offers suggestions for ways to present LEA/LA performance information in easy-to-understand formats for various audiences.

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    616 Local reporting tool thumbnail
  • Published:
    Jun 11, 2018
  • Authors:
    Dan Mello, Terry Long
  • Organizations:
    IDEA Data Center
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  • Topics:
    Public Reporting of IDEA Data
  • Suggested Citation:

    Mello, D., and Long, T. (2018, March). Why, What, Who, and HOW: Improving State Reporting of Local Performance. IDEA Data Center. Rockville, MD: Westat.

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