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Using Compliance Data for Program Improvement

IDC Interactive Institutes on High-Quality Part B Data – May 10-11, 2016 and June 1-2, 2016

It can be challenging to bridge the huge shift from a focus on solely compliance-driven data to an emphasis on results-driven monitoring. Compliance data can be hard and fast; results-driven data can be harder to pin down. This topical burst provided an overview of compliance data, the interrelationship between compliance and results data, and existing processes that can help bridge the gap between accountability and program improvement.

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    Using Compliance Data for Program Improvement
  • Published:
    Sep 12, 2017
  • Authors:
    Beth Harrison, Ron Dughman
  • Organizations:
    IDEA Data Center
  • Format:
  • Number of Pages:
    25 pages.
  • Topics:
    618 Data, Part B, State Performance Plan - SPP and Annual Performance Report - APR
  • Tags:
    RDA, Program Improvement, Accountability, Compliance, Results Driven Accountability, Results indicators, Compliance Indicators

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