10 Questions with...Lee Anne Sulzberger

TA Specialist and IDC’s Project Manager Lee Anne Sulzberger knows that positive relationship building is critical when it comes to helping state and local agencies build their capacity for high-quality special education data. She recently sat down with us to help build that connection by answering some thoughtful—and fun—questions about her life in and out of IDC. 

Lee Anne, thanks for your time. Let's get right to it. What’s one thing you love about your work with IDC?  

I love how we work in partnership with states to support them within their unique contexts.  

What’s something you find challenging (in or away from work)?  

I have a really hard time with anything that requires fine motor skills. Threading needles is my nemesis! 

What’s the most unusual job you’ve ever held?  

I sold tickets every summer during college at a PGA golf tournament. We were part of the security staff and got to drive the security golf cart after sales ended each day to watch the players. I don’t play golf either! 

You’re packing desert island books. What’s one of them?  

How to Survive on a Desert Island.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?    

The east coast of Spain—Valencia or Barcelona would be ideal. 

What song title best sums up your outlook on life? 

"Everything’s Gonna Be Alright" by Bob Marley 

Dogs or cats?   

Dogs, but cats are a close second. 

What is one supposedly “fun” thing you will never do again?  

Ride in a hot air balloon. It was the longest 30 minutes of my life. 

What’s your current favorite television show? Presumably nothing involving hot air balloons.

Stranger Things.

What’s your favorite color?


Thanks, Lee Anne! Want to learn more about the IDC Team? Watch this space for more 10 Questions with... features.