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  • Accessible IDEA Data: The What and Why

    Join the Weiss Center as we delve into the crucial realm of data accessibility for individuals with disabilities. In today's digital age, equitable access to information is paramount, and this session aims to shed light on the challenges, strategies, and standards involved in making data accessible

  • Webinar Replay: Adopting an Equity Mindset for Preschool Special Education Data

    Hosted by the Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (ECTA)--and in collaboration with DaSy and IDC--the four-part webinar series Leadership With an Equity Mindset: Using Preschool Special Education Data focused on collaboration between Part B, Section 619 Coordinators and Part B Data Manager or data staff responsible for preschool special education data. View these archived events to learn more about adopting an equity mindset throughout the full data life cycle, such as when analyzing data to identify and remove barriers to equitable access, experiences, and outcomes.

  • Smart Beginnings

    Join the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) for the Smart Beginnings 2023 three-day virtual mini-conference August 15–17 to learn about resources for supporting children with disabilities as we head into a new learning year. IDC's Christina MacDonald and Sarah Walters will present Building Equitable, Inclusive Preschool Special Education Environments.

  • An IDC Sponsored Event
    Setting the Stage for Reasonably Designed Methodology: Back to Basics on Indicator 4

    Did your state receive OSEP comments for Indicator 4 in the FFY2021 SPP/APR submission? An increased focus on significant discrepancies in discipline not only challenges states to examine Indicator 4 but also makes the importance of attending to basics apparent. In this IDC webinar event, we discussed these topics and more, including the critical decision points necessary for consideration when it comes to Indicator 4.

  • Leadership with an Equity Mindset: Using Preschool Special Education Data

    ECTA + IDC + DaSy? Yes! Join us on April 26 for the first in this four-part webinar series on preschool special education data in which we will cover bringing an equity mindset to the full data life cycle. This series will prepare you to identify and analyze your data to remove barriers to equitable access, experiences, and outcomes as part of a continuous improvement process.

  • CEC 2023 Virtual Convention & Expo

    The virtual component of the 2023 CEC Convention & Expo will include more than 40 on-demand sessions. A selection of the most popular sessions from the in-person convention program will be offered to virtual convention attendees starting April 26, 2023 (following the in-person convention in Louisville). You'll have access to a curated library of on-demand sessions selected from the in-person convention program.

  • An IDC Sponsored Event
    Webinar: Data-Based Problem-Solving Teams to Reduce Exclusionary Discipline

    Since the COVID-19 pandemic, state teams in the IDC-PBIS Discipline Partnership have grappled with increases in school discipline rates, including discipline that results in missed instructional time for students. In this webinar event, we discussed strategies, resources, and some personal experiences of our state presenters that can help strengthen the effective use of data-driven problem-solving teams to better understand the root causes of challenging behavior and to reduce the need for and reliance on exclusionary discipline.