The Assessment Data Landscape: A Bird’s Eye View of Indicator 3

Time and Date


With the introduction of a new measurement table and significant changes to the reporting of assessment data for children with IEPs, the FFY 2020 SPP/APR submission marked a seminal year for assessment data. In this interactive discussion and debrief of states’ Indicator 3 submissions from the FFY 2020–2025 SPP/APR 6-year cycle, we took in a bird’s eye view of it all.

- Where did states ultimately decide to set baseline and target data for assessment participation and performance? 
- How did stakeholders advise states to approach baseline and target setting for the revised Indicators 3B and 3C and the new Indicator 3D that focuses on the gap between performance of children with IEPs and all students on the regular statewide assessments in reading and mathematics?
- How much growth in proficiency on statewide assessments do states consider rigorous, but achievable, for children with IEPs over the next five years? What about proficiency rate growth on the alternate assessment over the same time period? 
- How do the targets your state set for Indicator 3 compare to those of other states across the country? 

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