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    An IDC Resource

    Format: Quick Reference

    SPP/APR Indicator Card

    The SPP/APR indicators measure child and family outcomes as well as compliance with the requirements of IDEA. This quick-reference resource from IDC includes a list and brief definition of all the Part B FFY 2020–2025 SPP/APR indicators (including the new Indicator 18!), as well as a list of file specifications associated with each of the seven IDEA 618 data collections, all in one convenient package. Print one out here or contact your IDC State Liaison for a laminated version you can carry along wherever you go.

    An IDC Resource

    Format: Guides and Briefs

    FFY 2020–25 Part B SPP/APR Changes at a Glance

    The FFY 2020–25 Part B SPP/APR Changes at a Glance resource is a quick overview for tracking updates to indicators in the new FFY 2020–25 SPP/APR package. For each of the 17 SPP/APR indicators, the table denotes whether there will be no changes, minor changes and/or clarifications, changes to response rates and representativeness, changes to data sources, and new components.  

  • An IDC Sponsored Event
    Let Your Data Guide You: Making Connections and Using Results From Part B Indicators 1, 2, 13, and 14

    Staff from IDC and the (NTACT:C) shared resources and discussed how they support states with Part B Indicators 1, 2, 13, and 14. State co-presenters discussed how partnerships between data and program staff enhance the state’s work on these indicators. State staff shared strategies and lessons learned for translating high-quality data into effective data use to identify trends, support target setting, and select appropriate evidence-based practices as well as discussed how reviewing the results of these related indicators as a group can help improve understanding of the system and drive next steps. 

  • An IDC Resource

    Format: Guides and Briefs

    Graduation Rate and Dropout Rate: Indicators 1 and 2 Measurement Changes From FFY 2019 to FFY 2020–2025

    This resource focuses on recent changes in the data source and measurement of Part B Indicators 1 and 2. The resource specifically addresses the treatment of “alternate diploma” in the new calculation. In FFY 2019, the calculation of graduation rate included students receiving an alternate diploma in the numerator. For FFY 2020–2025 the calculation of graduation rate includes students receiving an alternate diploma in the denominator. The calculation for Indicator 2 remains similar from FFY 2019 to FFY 2020–2025; however, it explicitly adds students receiving an alternate diploma in the denominator. 

    An IDC Resource

    Format: Applications and Spreadsheets

    Graduation Rate (Indicator 1) and Dropout Rate (Indicator 2) Calculator

    This tool from IDC and NTACT calculates graduation and dropout rates using the 618 Exiting data, as OSEP will require in coming years for reporting in states’ SPP/APRs. The tool can accumulate and graph multiple years of data, allowing users to observe trends in the rates over time and share the information easily with stakeholders.  

    An IDC Resource

    Format: Guides and Briefs

    State Determinations of Local Education Agency (LEA) Performance

    This resource provides a summary of findings from 28 states’ publicly available LEA determinations processes. States can use this resource to learn more about the data elements, calculation methodologies, and determination category criteria these 28 states used for making LEA determinations. This information can be particularly valuable for those states considering revisions and updates to their own LEA determinations processes.