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    Format: Guides and Briefs

    2020 Part B FFY 2018 SPP/APR Indicator Analysis Booklet

    The 2020 Part B FFY 2018 SPP/APR Indicator Analysis Booklet presents a national quantitative picture of the implementation of Part B of IDEA based on a review of information 60 states and agencies (i.e., the 50 states, commonwealths, territories, and the Bureau of Indian Education), reported in the FFY 2018 APRs and amended SPPs they submitted to OSEP in spring 2020. For the purposes of the report, the term “state” is used for both states and other jurisdictions. The report covers Part B Indicators 1 through 17.

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    A “How-To” Webinar: Setting SPP/APR Targets

    According to the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), all states must set targets for the State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report (SPP/APR) indicators through FFY 2019. During this webinar, an IDC TA provider first detailed the requirements for SPP/APR targets. Then, the TA provider described specific methods states can use to set their targets.  The webinar concluded with a discussion among state participants about strategies they have used to involve stakeholders in the target setting process.

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    Format: Guides and Briefs

    Building Your SPP/APR Stakeholder Engagement Plan: 10 Essential Questions

    Building Your SPP/APR Stakeholder Engagement Plan: 10 Essential Questions can help states develop and report on authentic and broad stakeholder engagement as required in the FFY 2020–2025 SPP/APR. This interactive resource guides states through 10 key questions they should be asking themselves as they build their stakeholder engagement plans. Each question provides detailed options to consider that will assist states in preparing to describe their engagement activities in their SPPs/APRs.

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    Format: Applications and Spreadsheets

    Business Rules Documentation Protocol

    The Business Rules Documentation Protocol is a customizable Excel template that states can use for documenting, recording, and communicating existing business rules or data quality validation checks they perform during the collection and validation of IDEA Part B data.

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    Format: Quick Reference

    Checklist to Identify and Address SSIP Data Quality Issues

    In State Performance Report/Annual Performance Plan (SPP/APR) reports, states are required to identify data quality issues that may have arisen during their Indicator 17 State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) work. Using this checklist can help state staff who are responsible for the SSIP apply the principles of high-quality data to identify any data quality issues that the state should report. The checklist includes questions that states can ask themselves to recognize data quality issues that may exist. It provides potential consequences of the issues and offers suggested actions that states can take to address the issues.

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    Format: Guides and Briefs

    Considerations for Making Changes to SIMR Baseline and Targets

    This white paper focuses on considerations that could lead Part C or Part B state agencies to propose a change in their SIMR baselines or targets. It defines baselines and targets in the context of SSIP, illustrates the importance of baselines and targets, and provides reasons for a state to propose changing its baselines or targets.

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    Format: Toolkits

    Data Meeting Toolkit

    The Data Meeting Toolkit is a suite of tools that groups can use to guide conversation around data and support databased decisionmaking. The toolkit provides resources to support success before, during, and after data meetings.