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    Format: Presentations

    Collecting and Using Data on Improvement Strategies

    Information focuses on ways to collect and use data on coherent improvement strategies and assess gaps in existing data for evaluation and provides examples of existing data or information states are already collecting (e.g., through monitoring) and how to use that data to measure SSIP activities. A helpful handout is included.

    Format: Presentations

    Recommended Practices: Early Childhood Recommended Practices

    The presentation provides information about DEC recommended practices and addresses measuring the implementation of recommended practices in SSIP evaluation.

    Format: Presentations

    Sharing Data With Locals: Data Quality and Data Use From the Ground Up

    This topical burst suggests guidance and tips for creating data products for local staff and ways to promote a culture of high-quality data and data use at the local level.

    Format: Presentations

    Child Outcomes and Data Quality

    The presentation provides strategies for making predictions of the ways in which improvements in data quality will impact the summary statements and describes different ways to impact and measure changes in data quality over time. This can help states currently struggling to predict how improvements in data quality will impact the value of the summary statements describing child outcomes. Helpful handouts are included.