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    Format: Presentations

    Where Do They Go? Capturing Accurate Part C Exiting Data

    The presentation explored challenges that states and local regions face in accurately capturing Part C Exiting reasons. The IDC Part C Exiting workgroup has been developing a tool to assist with these challenges. The presentation was interactive, drawing on the experiences of new and seasoned data managers.

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    Examining Part C Exiting Data Variation

    Using national averages for each of the exiting categories, this white paper helps state personnel examine differences in their Part C Exiting data. The paper explores Part C Exiting data category definitions, as well as general and specific trends in Part C Exiting data. It also includes suggestions for possible strategies to improve data quality, including clarifying policies and definitions, documenting procedures for implementation of policies, and developing training materials related to reporting exiting data.

    Format: Presentations

    State Part C Teams Discuss Their Experiences With the SSIP and SIMR Process

    The presentation focuses on experiences of State Part C teams in analyzing data, selecting their SIMR, and completing their SSIP. Guiding questions help states connect Phase I and Phase II planning.

    Format: Presentations

    Leveraging Internal Resources and Working Across Systems to Achieve SIMRs

    The presentation provides an overview of how states have improved results for infants, toddlers, and students through coordinated processes and planning at the state and local levels. Strategies include leveraging resources, considering related initiatives to support the SIMR, and communication protocols.

    Format: Presentations

    Issues in Adoption & Implementation of EBPs in Early Childhood Programs

    The presentation reviews key issues related to EBPs including definitions, selection issues, fidelity and usability concerns, and challenges of early and mid-stage implementation. The presentation offers Information on issues and challenges encountered in selection and implementation of EBPs.