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    An IDC Resource

    Format: Quick Reference

    IDEA Part B Federal Reporting Years Reference

    This reference illustrates the differences among school year (SY), federal fiscal year (FFY), and calendar year (CY)—that is, types of years—as they relate to data that states collect and report to meet their Part B IDEA federal reporting requirements. States can use this handy reference for preparing and submitting their State Performance Plans/Annual Performance Reports (SPPs/APRs). To report on the 17 different SPP/APR indicators, states use data reflecting different types of years, with unique dates associated with the years.

    An IDC Resource

    Format: Applications and Spreadsheets

    IDEA Part B Indicator 12 Transition Template: Calculating Data Worksheet

    The tool converts state and LEAs early childhood transition data into percentages. Use of the tool enables states to see real-time percentages of children ages 3-5 in the transition reporting categories and compare the percentages of children within the categories across LEAs.

    An IDC Resource

    Format: Guides and Briefs

    IDEA Section 618 Public Reporting Data Element Checklist – Part B

    This interactive checklist assist states to meet IDEA Section 618 public reporting requirements. The checklist also has an archiving function to document the posting process for later reference.

    An IDC Resource

    Format: Trainings

    ii20 Session Presentations and Handouts

    The Interactive Institutes 2020 – Building and Sustaining a Culture of High-Quality Data provided opportunities for participants to take a deep dive into data quality topics to learn about data culture change. Participants were able to discover best practices to improve data collection, reporting, analysis, and use. They also engaged with peers and TA providers about trending data quality topics. Each session presented powerful ideas and actionable plans to improve work processes and data quality.

    An IDC Resource

    Format: Podcasts

    Implications of Changes to the SPP/APR and Stakeholder Engagement Requirements in Oklahoma

    Episode 3

    Release Date: June 9, 2022

    Guests: Ginger Elliott-Teague, Director of Data Analysis, Oklahoma State Department of Education

    Amy chats with Ginger about building the capacity of districts and other stakeholders in Oklahoma to understand the changes to the SPP/APR and stakeholder engagement requirements. Ginger shares key strategies for engaging stakeholders in target setting.

    An IDC Resource

    Format: Trainings

    Incorporating Business Rules Into State Data Systems

    The Incorporating Business Rules Into State Data Systems instructional video explores the different ways Part B and Part C state agencies can incorporate business rules into their IDEA state data collection and reporting systems.

    An IDC Resource

    Format: Podcasts

    Influencing the Quality of IDEA Data, from Data Collection to Communication and Use

    Episode 7

    Release Date: August 11, 2022

    Guests: Brandon Myers, Data Specialist, Indiana Department of Education

    On the newest episode of A Date with Data, we “Wander Indiana” as Host Amy Bitterman sits down with Brandon Myers, Part B Data Manager with the Indiana Department of Education. Listen in as they discuss Brandon’s work as a data-quality influencer: collecting, organizing, monitoring, and communicating information about data. Brandon also shares how he ensures that schools and stakeholders understand how the data they are required to report get used. Join us in the Hoosier state, won’t you?