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    An IDC Resource

    Format: Podcasts

    Creating and Sustaining an Effective Partnership Between Delaware’s State Education Agency and the Parent Information Center

    Episode 5

    Release Date: July 7, 2022

    Guests: Mary Ann Mieczkowski, former Director of Exceptional Children Resources, and Barbara Mazza, Education Associate for Exceptional Children Resources, with the Delaware Department of Education and Meedra Surratte, Executive Director of the Parent Information Center of Delaware

    It's the age-old question: What’s the secret to a long-lasting, meaningful relationship? For Episode 5 of A Date with Data, we travel to the first state to find out. For 20 years, the Delaware Department of Education has partnered with the state’s Parent Information Center to better facilitate family engagement.

    An IDC Resource

    Format: Podcasts

    Building a Culture of High-Quality IDEA Data in Wisconsin

    Episode 4

    Release Date: June 23, 2022

    Guests: Seth Bishop, Data Analysis/Grant Evaluation Consultant, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

    Wisconsin is striving to embed IDEA data culture throughout the state’s Department of Public Instruction. Learn how Wisconsin is working to achieve a strong, shared data culture through initiatives such as collaborating with Title I and Every Student Succeeds Act staff to create joint federal notification reports and creating dashboards for districts to drill down into their data.

    An IDC Resource

    Format: Podcasts

    Implications of Changes to the SPP/APR and Stakeholder Engagement Requirements in Oklahoma

    Episode 3

    Release Date: June 9, 2022

    Guests: Ginger Elliott-Teague, Director of Data Analysis, Oklahoma State Department of Education

    Amy chats with Ginger about building the capacity of districts and other stakeholders in Oklahoma to understand the changes to the SPP/APR and stakeholder engagement requirements. Ginger shares key strategies for engaging stakeholders in target setting.

    An IDC Resource

    Format: Quick Reference

    Comprehensive IDC Part B Tool & Product List

    This resource is a list of IDC produced Part B tools and products arranged by topic area. The list provides a brief description and link to each tool or product. Users can quickly scan for useful tools and products to ensure that they have explored all of the many Part B available resources that IDC has produced.

    An IDC Resource

    Format: Quick Reference

    Checklist to Identify and Address SSIP Data Quality Issues

    In State Performance Report/Annual Performance Plan (SPP/APR) reports, states are required to identify data quality issues that may have arisen during their Indicator 17 State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) work. Using this checklist can help state staff who are responsible for the SSIP apply the principles of high-quality data to identify any data quality issues that the state should report. The checklist includes questions that states can ask themselves to recognize data quality issues that may exist. It provides potential consequences of the issues and offers suggested actions that states can take to address the issues.

    An IDC Resource

    Format: Podcasts

    How the Pandemic and Changes to the SPP/APR Affected Arkansas’s IDEA Data

    Episode 2

    Release Date: May 26, 2022

    Guests: Jody Fields, Part B Data Manager, Arkansas Department of Education

    In this episode, we throw a spotlight on the implications of both the pandemic and the changes to the SPP/APR for FFY 2020—2025 on Arkansas’s data quality, results, and trends. Jody and Amy discuss how Arkansas mitigated the data challenges it encountered due to the pandemic and SPP/APR changes. Jody also shares the state’s strategy for successfully communicating the changes to the data and the SPP/APR indicators to districts and other stakeholders. 

    An IDC Resource

    Format: Podcasts

    Georgia’s IDEA Data Quality During the Pandemic

    Episode 1

    Release Date: May 12, 2022

    Guests: Dawn Kemp, Part B Data Manager, and Linda Castellanos, Program Manager, Georgia Department of Education

    During our first episode, we explore how the pandemic affected Georgia’s Part B 618 and SPP/APR data trends and quality. The good news? It’s far from doom and gloom. Dawn and Linda highlight many bright spots, including how they have harnessed virtual technology to improve collaboration, connectivity, and stakeholder engagement. They also focus on the positive effects the pandemic has had on Georgia’s data culture.