Statewide Assessment: Indicator 3 Measurement Changes From FFY 2019 to FFY 2020–2025

This resource describes new reporting requirements and measurement changes to Part B SPP/APR Indicator 3.  The majority of students with disabilities participate in regular statewide assessments, and a small percentage of students with the most significant disabilities participate in alternate assessments. In FFY 2020, OSEP requires states to disaggregate statewide assessment results for these two groups of students with disabilities (i.e., those who participate in the regular assessment and those who participate in the alternate assessment). OSEP also requires states to calculate a “proficiency rate gap” between students with and without disabilities who participate in the regular statewide assessment. The resource offers a side-by-side comparison of the SPP/APR Part B indicator measurement tables for FFY 2019 and FFY 2020 to highlight relevant differences in SPP/APR reporting of Indicator 3.