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A Critical Look at SSIP Phase III Reporting

Interactive Institutes 2018—Building a Culture of High-Quality Part B Data

This workshop provided an opportunity for participants to critique and discuss sample SSIP report excerpts. Guided table discussions focused on identifying strengths and ways to improve the presentation of data for a robust and succinct SSIP. States had an opportunity to develop action steps for completing their SSIP Phase III Year 2 report.

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  • Published:
    May 2, 2018
  • Authors:
    Tamara Nimkoff, Debbie Shaver
  • Organizations:
    IDEA Data Center
  • Format:
  • Number of Pages:
    19 pages.
  • Topics:
    Part B, SSIP Evaluation, State Systemic Improvement Plan - SSIP
  • Indicators:
    B17 SSIP
  • Tags:
    SSIP Phase 3

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