Disproportionality 101: Equity in IDEA: Contents of the Final Rule - 2017 Webinar

This webinar provides a broad overview of the Equity in IDEA Final Regulations. The webinar explains the required standard methodology, the reservation of funds for CEIS, and data requirements and calculations.


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Equity in IDEA Final Regulations

The final regulations under Part B of IDEA, effective January 18, 2017, require states to address issues related to significant disproportionality in the identification, placement, and discipline of students with disabilities based on race or ethnicity.

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Model State Timeline

The Model State Timeline is one of two resources to support implementation of the Equity in IDEA Final Regulations. It outlines the tasks and timelines that states may consider as they implement the new rule and prepare for full compliance in SY 2018-19.

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Significant Disproportionality (Equity in IDEA)—Essential Questions and Answers

This Q&A answers essential questions about the Equity in IDEA Final Regulations, including information on the contents of the new rule, the standard methodology, remedies, important dates, and a glossary of terms.

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Significant Disproportionality 201 - Equity in IDEA: Implementing the Final Rule Webinar

This webinar reviews the final regulations that amend IDEA to help ensure that states properly identify and support LEAs with significant disproportionality. The webinar describes the standard methodology that states must use and discusses the required remedies for identified LEAs.