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Beyond PR: Stakeholders as Allies

IDC Interactive Institutes on High-Quality Data & the SSIP - April-May 2015

This presentation can help SEAs learn about perspectives on stakeholders as allies and formulate essential questions to consider as they implement Phases II and III of the SSIP.

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    Beyond PR: Stakeholders as Allies
  • Published:
    Sep 5, 2017
  • Authors:
    Joanne Cashman, Patrice Linehan, Mariola Rosser, Jeff Diedrich, Glenna Gallo
  • Organizations:
    National Center for Systemic Improvement
    Michigan Department of Education
    Utah State Office of Education
    California Department of Education
  • Format:
  • Number of Pages:
    14 pages.
  • Topics:
    Part B - 619, State Systemic Improvement Plan - SSIP
  • Indicators:
    B17 SSIP, C11 SSIP
  • Tags:
    Stakeholder Buy-In, Authentic Engagement, Infrastructure, Theory of Action, Coherent Improvement Strategy, Stakeholder Engagement, Data Analysis, Building LEA Capacity

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