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Child Outcomes and Data Quality

IDC Interactive Institutes on High-Quality Data & the SSIP - April-May 2015

The presentation provides strategies for making predictions of the ways in which improvements in data quality will impact the summary statements and describes different ways to impact and measure changes in data quality over time. This can help states currently struggling to predict how improvements in data quality will impact the value of the summary statements describing child outcomes. Helpful handouts are included.

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    Child Outcomes and Data Quality
  • Published:
    Sep 5, 2017
  • Authors:
    Christina Kasprzak, Lynne Kahn, Siobhan Colgan, Kathy Hebbeler, Donna Spiker
  • Organizations:
    IDEA Data Center
    Center for IDEA Early Childhood Data Systems
  • Format:
  • Number of Pages:
    26 pages.
  • Topics:
    Part B - 619
  • Indicators:
    B17 SSIP, C11 SSIP
  • Tags:
    Data Quality Improvement, Data Quality and Use, Measurement Evaluation, Summary Statements, Child Outcomes

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