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A Practical Framework for Building a Data-Driven District or School

How a Focus on Data Quality, Capacity, and Culture Supports Data-Driven Action to Improve Student Outcomes

The current age of greater accountability in schools has challenged educators to seek effective ways to incorporate data into their decision making processes from the central office to the classroom. However, this is not just a matter of collecting more data. For data to inform decisions about policy, programs, practice, and student placement, three critical factors need to be taken into consideration: data quality, data capacity, and data culture. This white paper describes a research-grounded model for data use and discusses these three factors, why they are important, and how they support effective data use in schools and districts.

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    A Practical Framework for Building a Data-Driven District or School
  • Published:
    Sep 8, 2017
  • Authors:
    David Ronka, Robb Geier, Malgorzata Marciniak
  • Organizations:
    Public Consulting Group - PCG
  • Format:
    Guides, Papers, and Reports
  • Number of Pages:
    8 pages.
  • Tags:
    Local Education Agency, Data Quality and Use, Data-Based Decision-Making, High Quality Data, Data Culture, Building Local Data Capacity, Building State Data Capacity

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