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Spreadsheet Application for Calculating Disproportionality Measures and User’s Guide: Spreadsheet Application for Calculating Disproportionality Measures (Revised)

Files included in this resource:
  • OSEP Disproportionality Template xls
  • OSEP Disproportionality Template xlsm
  • OSEP Disproportionality Template x64
  • User’s Guide: Spreadsheet Application for Calculating Disproportionality Measures (Revised)
The Excel spreadsheet application and user's guide are tools to aid states in their assessment of racial/ ethnic disproportionality. The spreadsheet application calculates several disproportionality measures, including risk, risk ratio, weighted risk ratio, alternate risk ratio, risk difference, composition, difference in composition, relative difference in composition, the E-formula, and variations of several of these measures for total disciplinary removals. The user’s guide includes an overview of the spreadsheet application; discussions on data requirements such as data formats, district identifiers, missing data, and state totals; and instructions for using the spreadsheet application including opening the spreadsheet application, entering data, running the spreadsheet, and reviewing results. The final section of the user’s guide addresses how to handle questions or problems.

IDC ’s technical assistance document, Methods for Assessing Racial/Ethnic Disproportionality in Special Education: A Technical Assistance Guide (Revised) provides more information about the measures calculated by the spreadsheet, including step-by-step instructions on how to calculate them, discussions of how to interpret each, and considerations.

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