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Using Growth Models to Measure Child/ Student Outcomes for State Systemic Improvement PlansIDC Resource Badge

Using Growth Models to Measure Child/ Student Outcomes for State Systemic Improvement Plans

A Guide for States

Educators are using growth models for a variety of accountability, instructional planning, and evaluation purposes in U.S. schools. This white paper, with a focus on special education populations, provides state and local education personnel with an overview of issues to consider with growth models, a look at models currently in use, and a description of common models and a scenario of their potential use within the SSIP process.

State Systemic Improvement Plan - SSIP

Supporting and Reporting CEIS

Supporting and Reporting CEIS

CASE-NASDSE, September 25-27, 2016

Panel presenters from IDC, NCSI, and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction discussed CEIS including required and voluntary implementation as well as activities that may be provided using these funds. Presenters also reviewed IDC's Navigating CEIS White Paper and FAQ documents and discussed data and fiscal requirements for LEAs implementing this program. Additionally, Rachel Zellmer described how Wisconsin administers CEIS and works with its LEAs to ensure appropriate services are provided that maximize impact while addressing, if appropriate, why the LEA was identified.

Fiscal, Part B

Online Learning and IDEA Educational Environments (Ages 6-21)IDC Resource Badge

Online Learning and IDEA Educational Environments (Ages 6-21)

Determining Educational Environments for Students With Disabilities

This document is a TA tool staff can use when considering the time students with disabilities spend in online learning and how they should count that time when reporting IDEA educational environments. In addition, the tool provides and explains several common online learning scenarios for students with disabilities along with the recommended educational environment code.

Part B, 618 Data

Access Public IDEA Data

OSEP offers a website that publicly reports state-level IDEA Section 618 data and provides documentation associated with the data.

  • IDEA Section 618 current and historical data files;
  • Data Documentation Files about data elements and format of the files;
  • Related data notes; and
  • Links to other sites for data and information on children with disabilities.