Back on the Horse: Sarah Walters and Elton

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Welcome to IDC’s B Side, the place where our fans can turn for unusual, rare, or non-work facts and stories straight from the folks behind IDC. While updates and tips about the collection, reporting, analysis, and use of high-quality IDEA data will always be our A Side, with these stories we hope to bring you closer to IDC’s most important resource: its people.  

Sometimes getting back to your roots means coming full circle. Sometimes you even bring a friend along for the ride. Take for instance IDC TA specialist Sarah Walters. A resident of Lawrence, Kansas, Sarah has had a lifelong love affair with horses, finding a particular joy in riding Morgan horses in her spare time. Recently, however, she felt called back to her roots as a show rider. A four-year-old Morgan horse named DWS Sirius, aka Elton, is taking her there. In this IDC-sponsored Moment of Zen, you'll get a glimpse of their special bond during a short practice ride, Elton looking regal and Sarah posting the trot. We are sure you’ll agree, these two can really strut their stuff.