Just Launched: IDC’s New Podcast A Date with Data

Join A Date with Data and host Amy Bitterman as she chats with state and district leaders who are working with IDEA data every day. Through the stories of Amy's guests, you'll hear about real-life challenges and successes as they share their experiences and lessons they learned to improve their data quality.

A Date with Data is available now on your favorite podcast app, so spread the word and subscribe! You can also listen here on IDC's podcast page.

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Format: Podcasts

Georgia’s IDEA Data Quality During the Pandemic

Episode 1

Release Date: May 12, 2022


Guests: Dawn Kemp, Part B Data Manager, and Linda Castellanos, Program Manager, Georgia Department of Education

During our first episode, we explore how the pandemic affected Georgia’s Part B 618 and SPP/APR data trends and quality. The good news? It’s far from doom and gloom. Dawn and Linda highlight many bright spots, including how they have harnessed virtual technology to improve collaboration, connectivity, and stakeholder engagement. They also focus on the positive effects the pandemic has had on Georgia’s data culture.