SEA Data Processes Toolkit

If you are experiencing staff turnover or shifts in staff responsibilities, you know it can be incredibly difficult to transition work to other team members seamlessly. This is especially true for preparing complex federal data submissions. One way to mitigate these challenges is to document detailed processes for each IDEA data collection. IDC TA staff recently guided the Utah State Board of Education state team in documenting SPP/APR Part B Indicators 4A, 4B, 9, and 10 processes, using the customizable templates in IDC’s SEA Data Processes Toolkit. Because these indicators deal with disproportionality, our staff and the Utah state team discussed methodologies and how the state measures significant discrepancy and disproportionate representation. As a result of IDC’s TA and the state’s efforts, Utah now has clearly written processes to follow for data collection, validation, submission, and public reporting.

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