IDC Partners With New York to Support Stakeholder Engagement and SPP/APR Target Setting

Shortly after IDC sponsored its March 2021 webinar on Setting Baselines and Targets in a World of Questionable Data Quality and its April Interactive Institute, the New York State Education Department (NYSED) requested IDC help with stakeholder engagement and target setting for the state’s FFY 2020–2025 SPP/APR. Since that time, IDC has supported state staff in planning for stakeholder engagement and reviewing stakeholder indicator presentations and “One Pager” handouts the state developed for each indicator. Before beginning work with NYSED’s indicator work groups, IDC met with the SPP/APR leadership team to share resources from other states and discuss which indicators, such as Indicators 1 and 2 and 13 and 14, the state could cluster together in presentations.

Within NYSED, the different indicator workgroups developed the indicator presentations and one-page fact sheets to ensure that stakeholders had a clear understanding of each indicator. The presentations included key terms, indicator definitions, information on new or existing calculations, and a review of previous indicator data. The data review for each indicator included NYSED indicator data from five previous years and comparison data from other, similar states to inform and create a rationale for the suggested targets. IDC provided suggestions in the data analysis planning for stakeholder input as well as resources on how to explain the differences of the indicator calculations and targets that had changing data sources or new components. In the presentations that would link to a survey, NYSED requested information from IDC about new strategies that might improve the data for each indicator. NYSED will continue to partner with IDC in analyzing the data that it collects over the next several months. 

If your state is interested in IDC’s technical assistance around engaging stakeholders in the SPP/APR target setting process, please reach out to your IDC State Liaison.

IDC also has a wealth of SPP/APR resources available to support states and stakeholders. To access the resources quickly, visit IDC’s new SPP/APR Resources at a Glance web page.

—Silvia DeRuvo

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