Ohio Department of Education and IDC Work Together to Plan for Stakeholder Engagement in SPP/APR Target Setting

Over the past several months, IDC has supported state staff from the Ohio Department of Education in developing and implementing plans to engage stakeholders in target setting for the FFY 2020–2025 Ohio SPP/APR. IDC technical assistance has focused on planning for and facilitating meetings with Ohio’s State Advisory Panel (SAP) for Exceptional Children. These meetings have provided SAP members with information on the SPP/APR and elicited input and feedback from the group. For example, in May, IDC staff presented to the SAP an historical overview of the SPP/APR as well as current requirements for the FFY 2020–2025 submission. Following these SAP meetings, data and special education staff from the Ohio Department of Education will seek broader input from other stakeholders across the state. To support this work, state staff have prepared SPP/APR “Fact Sheets” that detail each compliance indicator, including definitions from the OSEP indicator measurement table and relevant state-level data. Staff plan to share these “Fact Sheets” with stakeholders. The Ohio Department of Education Data team will continue to partner with IDC in planning and developing processes to share information and obtain meaningful input from stakeholders across the state. 

If your state is interested in IDC’s support around engaging stakeholders in the SPP/APR target setting process, please reach out to your IDC State Liaison (see map here for a list of all of IDC’s State Liaisons). 

IDC also has a wealth of SPP/APR resources available to support states and stakeholders. To access the resources quickly, visit IDC’s new SPP/APR Resources at a Glance web page.

—Mary Watson