Director Team

IDC's Director Team provides overall leadership for IDC and ensures successful and timely completion of IDC activities. Tom and Julie communicate regularly with OSEP about IDC's past, present, and future work to make sure IDC is on the forefront of efforts to build capacity within states for collecting, reporting, analyzing, and using high-quality IDEA data.

Targeted & Intensive TA

Jeanna manages IDC's Part B TA and SSIP TA efforts, and Carolee manages IDC's Part C TA. IDC provides targeted TA through a state liaison model, using email and telephone, short-term consultation, and workshops, as well as interactive institutes on particular data quality topics. IDC provides intensive TA to states with the goal of long-term systemic change related to IDEA data collection, analysis, reporting, and use at state and local levels.

Tools & Products

Mike and Wesley manage IDC's development of an array of updated and new tools and products across a range of IDEA data quality topics. The tools and products are designed to help states, school districts, and local early intervention programs with data collection, validation, reporting, and use of high-quality IDEA data.

Communication & Dissemination

Kay and Linda manage IDC's communication and dissemination activities, including providing general technical assistance on IDEA data quality through IDC's website and webinars. They oversee IDC's listserves for state staff and TA providers to discuss IDEA data quality issues; social networking efforts; and presentations at conferences, meetings, workshops, and interactive institutes on IDEA data quality topics.

Leadership & Coordination

Tom leads IDC's efforts to coordinate and collaborate with other centers that provide technical assistance related to IDEA 616 and 618 data quality. These efforts include leveraging collective expertise and experience, maximizing TA resources, and minimizing duplication across centers. The leadership work also involves drawing on the experience and expertise of a diverse set of stakeholders.


Tom leads IDC's evaluation efforts, working with Bethany to measure and improve the effectiveness of IDC's services. They also work with an independent evaluator to determine how the quality of IDEA data has improved for states as a result of IDC's activities and services.