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  • CADRE's 9th National Symposium - Planting Seeds: Growing an Inclusive and Informed Community
    CADRE will convene its 9th National Symposium on Dispute Resolution in Special Education, Planting Seeds: Growing an Inclusive and Informed Community, October 26-28, 2022. The event will take place in Denver, Colorado. Symposium participants will include Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) staff, state dispute resolution coordinators, directors of special education, dispute resolution practitioners, researchers, parent advocates, attorneys, educators, service providers, and parents.


  • 2022 Annual CASE Conference

    This year's Council of Administrators of Special Education conference--Facing the Future Together--will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah. Join IDC's own Rachel Wilkinson and Joanna Bivins for Demystifying Root Cause Analysis, Fred Edora and Sarah Walker for Game On! Using Gamification To Actively Engage Stakeholders with Data, and Tom Munk and Lee Anne Sulzberger for Addressing Equity, Inclusion, and Opportunity Using the IDEA Data's Center's Success Gaps Toolkit

  • An IDC Sponsored Event
    IDC Webinar

    IDC's webinar series hosts IDC TA providers and your state colleagues to share information on an ever-expanding variety of important topics. Past webinars are archived with their attendant resources for those unable to attend the live event or who wish to review later at their own pace. Check this space often for updates on our webinar schedule and upcoming topics.

  • Part C IDEA Fiscal Forum (IFF)

    CIFR will host a Part C IDEA Fiscal Forum (IFF) in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 9–11, 2023. This in-person event will provide opportunities for Part C coordinators and other state lead agency (LA) staff with IDEA Part C fiscal responsibilities to come together to build knowledge and capacity.

  • NTACT:C 2023 Capacity Building Institute

    This National Technical Assistance Center on Transition: The Collaborative (NTACT:C) event serves as an opportunity for state transition professionals to continue to collaborate through state-to-state sharing and facilitated discussions.