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  • An IDC Sponsored Event
    IDC’s Informal Drop-In: SPP/APR Q&A

    Do you have SPP/APR preparation questions? If so, you're in luck. Come to IDC’s Informal Drop-In: SPP/APR Q&A for answers. You will have an opportunity to ask your questions and hear questions posed by other states. Join us on December 1, 2022, from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM ET. 

  • 2022 Annual CASE Conference

    This year's Council of Administrators of Special Education conference--Facing the Future Together--will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah. Join IDC's own Rachel Wilkinson and Joanna Bivins for Demystifying Root Cause Analysis, Fred Edora and Sarah Walters for Game On! Using Gamification To Actively Engage Stakeholders with Data, and Tom Munk and Lee Anne Sulzberger for Addressing Equity, Inclusion, and Opportunity Using the IDEA Data's Center's Success Gaps Toolkit

  • CADRE's 9th National Symposium - Planting Seeds: Growing an Inclusive and Informed Community
    CADRE will convene its 9th National Symposium on Dispute Resolution in Special Education, Planting Seeds: Growing an Inclusive and Informed Community, October 26-28, 2022. The event will take place in Denver, Colorado. Symposium participants will include Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) staff, state dispute resolution coordinators, directors of special education, dispute resolution practitioners, researchers, parent advocates, attorneys, educators, service providers, and parents.


  • An IDC Sponsored Event
    The Assessment Data Landscape: A Bird’s Eye View of Indicator 3

    With the introduction of a new measurement table and significant changes to the reporting of assessment data for children with IEPs, the FFY 2020 SPP/APR submission marked a seminal year for assessment data. In this interactive discussion and debrief of states’ Indicator 3 submissions from the FFY 2020–2025 SPP/APR 6-year cycle, we took in a bird’s eye view of it all.

  • DEC & ISEI Joint Conference

    The 2022 Division for Early Childhood (DEC) / International Society of Early Intervention (ISEI) joint conference is just on the horizon, and IDC will be on hand in Chicago, Illinois, for the event.  Join Vera Stroup-Rentier and Tanya Collins for Advancing Preschool Inclusion Using Preschool Educational Environments Data.

  • NASDSE 84th Annual Conference and Business Meeting

    The National Association of State Directors of Special Education (NASDSE) will host its 84th Annual Conference and Business Meeting on September 19–21 in St. Petersburg, Florida. The theme: "Leading Forward with Education."

    Will IDC be there? You bet. Join our own Mary Watson and Beckie Davis for Documenting Data Processes in Preparation for DMS 2.0 -- Today's Session Brought to You by the Letter "D!"

  • 2022 Improving Data, Improving Outcomes Conference: Leadership, Equity, Impact

    The Center for IDEA Early Childhood Data Systems (DaSy), in collaboration with its early childhood technical assistance center partners, will host its 2022 Improving Data, Improving Outcomes (IDIO) national conference on August 23–25, 2022. Join IDC's Sarah Walters and Amy Bitterman for Exploring Early Childhood Equity: Digging Into Root Cause(s) of Success Gaps and Vera Stroup-Rentier and Rachel Wilkinson for Getting Real About Preschool Inclusion Data: Better Data for Better Decisions.