2015 SSIP Interactive Institutes

IDC Interactive Institutes
on High-Quality Data & the SSIP

In collaboration with DaSy, ECTA, NCSI, & NTACT
2015 SSIP Interactive Institutes - Body Image

The IDC Interactive Institutes on High-Quality Data & the SSIP provided state teams opportunities to network and learn from each other to enhance the quality of the SSIP. These Interactive Institutes focused on building capacity of states to obtain and use high-quality data to plan, implement, and evaluate their SSIP. States were able to interact with other state teams and TA providers to further develop and improve state SSIP plans.

Get the Materials

The three Interactive Institutes had basically the same content and agenda. You can access the materials for each session below. Interactive Institute attendees also can access materials on the App they downloaded for the Interactive Institute they attended.

For more detailed search and filtering for Interactive Institute materials, visit the Resource Library | Download the Final Agenda PDF