Norms of Collaboration: Strategies for Working Together Effectively in Person and Virtually

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Following the norms of collaboration for working in groups can help groups accomplish their goals more effectively. Attending to the norms of collaboration takes on even greater importance as, more than ever, group members are working together in virtual environments. Norms of collaboration include behaviors such as pausing, paraphrasing, putting inquiry at the center, probing for specificity, putting ideas on the table, paying attention to self and others and presuming positive intentions. Practicing these behaviors can help build trust, understanding, and respect among collaborators and contribute to greater cohesion and commitment to shared work regardless of a meeting’s purpose or physical environment. This IDC professional development experience helped attendees learn more about the norms of collaboration; how they can contribute to positive, productive group dynamics; and ways to apply the norms when working both in-person and virtually with others.