3:00 PM - 4:00 PM on March 5, 2019

VIM: What Else Can Your IDEA Data Tell You? Making the Most of the Data You Have

  • Webinar
  • Online
  • Virtual Interactive Meetings

This Virtual Interactive Meeting (VIM) explored opportunities states have for additional or deeper analysis afforded by the variety of existing data they have from different sources. Sources include EDFacts data, including EMAPS data; SPP/APR data, other survey data; child assessment data; demographic data; and other selected state data. Presenters provided an overview of the potential and the limitations of different types of existing data and will lead a discussion of various possibilities for combining data from multiple sources. At the end of this initial online meeting, states will self-select topics that they want to delve deeper into with other states through Peer-to-Peer Exchanges.  Peer-to-Peer Exchanges will be grounded in specific Part B and Part C SPP/APR indicators and support states in engaging with each other to learn how they can draw insights from multiple data sources. In sum, the VIM and following Peer-to-Peer Exchanges will assist state staff in making existing data work for them beyond meeting IDEA reporting requirements.

  • Part B
  • Part C
  • 618 Data
  • State Performance Plan - SPP and Annual Performance Report - APR
Jennifer Schaaf
Tiffany Boyd

United States