IDC Sponsored Event BadgeWednesday, September 20, 2017 · 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Eastern Time

Back-to-Basics on the Part C State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report—What You Need to Know About the Part C SPP/APR

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This webinar continues IDC’s Back-to-Basics Webinar Series for new Part C state staff, staff with new SPP/APR responsibilities, and those who want a refresher on the ins-and-outs of this planning and reporting process. The webinar will focus on beginning level foundational information and feature an overview of the SPP/APR and its indicators, the required data elements, and resources available to support state development and reporting of the SPP/APR.

Expected outcomes of the webinar are that participants will better understand the purpose of the SPP/APR, its required data elements, and available systems and resources to support state SPP/APR development and reporting.


  • 618 Data
  • Part C
  • State Performance Plan - SPP and Annual Performance Report - APR


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    Sarah WaltersSarah Walters is a graduate of the University of Kansas where she earned a Bachelor of Social Welfare degree and a Masters degree in Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE). She has a variety of experiences in the field of early childhood and early intervention. Currently she is a TA Specialist for the IDEA Data Center. Sarah is the former Part C coordinator for the State of Kansas. She has worked as both a direct service provider to families who have infants and toddlers with disabilities and as and school special education administrator. She worked at the Head Start Quality Improvement Center for Disabilities in Region VII as an Infant Toddler Specialist, and as a training and technical assistance specialist to Part C programs in Kansas. Sarah was a learning coach with the SpecialQuest program and consultant for the National Head Start Family Literacy Center. She lives in Lawrence, Kansas (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!) with her husband of 21 years, Gary, 12-year-old son, Sam, and 8-year-old son, Ben.
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    Amy BittermanAs a Research Analyst at Westat, I've worked on a number of special education studies including the Pre-Elementary Education Longitudinal Study (PEELS) and Design and IDEA-related Analyses for the National Assessment (DIANA). I also worked on DAC, specifically in the area of disproportionality. I have experience in survey design and development as well as data collection and analysis..
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    Danielle CrainI work for Westat, but I am based in Richmond, VA. Since joining Westat in 2006, I have worked on providing TA around the IDEA 618 data collections. Prior to my work on the IDEA Data Center, I worked on the Data Accountability Center.