IDC Sponsored Event BadgeThursday, October 26, 2017 · 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Eastern Time

Back-to-Basics on the IDEA Section 618 Part C Data Collections—What You Need to Know About Collecting and Reporting Your Part C 618 State Data

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This webinar continues IDC’s Back-to-Basics Webinar Series for new Part C state staff, staff with new Part C data collection responsibilities using the federal data systems, and those who want a refresher on ins-and-outs of the data collections. The webinar will focus on beginning level foundational information about the data collections, such as required elements, timelines for submissions and resubmissions, how to submit the data and amend initial submissions, OSEP Data Quality Reports, and key terms. The webinar will also discuss related federal data systems, such as  The EDFacts Initiative, EMAPS (EDFacts Metadata and Process System), Partner Support Center (PSC), and GRADS360°, and will highlight available resources.

Expected outcomes of the webinar are that participants will better understand the IDEA Section 618 Part C data collections; the role of related federal data systems in reporting Part C data; and available support systems and related resources to improve the timeliness, accuracy, and completeness of their state Part C data submissions.


  • 618 Data
  • Part C
  • State Performance Plan - SPP and Annual Performance Report - APR