IDC Sponsored Event BadgeTuesday, January 24, 2017 · 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Eastern Time

Virtual Interactive Meeting (VIM)

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This online event gave state participants opportunities to actively engage each other in learning about data quality topics supported through IDC resources and technical assistance. At the end of an event, states self-selected topics discussed during the VIM into which they wanted to delve deeper into with other states through Peer-to-Peer Exchanges.

The initial VIM featured IDC’s Part B IDEA 618 Data Processes Toolkit on January 24. The VIM on this important toolkit enabled participants to engage with other state staff who have engaged in work with IDC. States learned from peers about the benefits of documenting data collection, validation, and submission processes. During the subsequent Peer-to-Peer Exchanges, participants will be able to delve more deeply into related 618 data collection topics such as child count, MOE/CEIS, personnel, exiting, discipline, dispute resolution, and assessment. IDC staff with expertise on the selected topics will facilitate and support the VIMs and Peer-to-Peer Exchanges.


  • Part B
  • Part B - 619


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    Chris ThackerI recently retired from the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) after nearly 30 years of service. Much of my time at the KDE was in the role of Special Education Data Manager. In that capacity I worked with LEAs across the state to capture and report data as required under Section 618 of the IDEA for ages 3-21. My work has also included calculating local district allocations for both the Preschool and School Age IDEA programs; detemining LEAs that have a significant disproportionality requiring the implementation of coordianted early intervening services (CEIS); providing technical assistance to LEAs relative to their private school proportionate ammount; processing Maintenance of Effort reports for LEAs specific to meeting the Excess Cost and Non-Supplanting requirements; and technical assistance around Kentucky's student informations system.
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    Susan DavisI retired in 2012 after a thirty-one year career in special education. I continue to work on behalf of children with disabilities through contract work and volunteer opportunities. During my career, I had the privilege of working in many different capacities: teacher, Compliance Specialist, Diagnostic-Prescriptive Specialist, Program Specialist, Director, and at the state education agency: LD consultant, Personnel Development Consultant, and Section Chief for Program Improvement and Professional Development. I'm a step mom to two wonderful daughters and grandmother of three adorable, energetic boys. Needless to say ... there's never a dull moment in my life! I look forward to being active in my work with the IDC and getting to know other team members.