2016 IDC Interactive Institutes

IDC Interactive Institutes
on High-Quality Part B Data

In collaboration with CIFR, CIID, & NTACT
2016 IDC Interactive Institutes Body Image

The IDC Interactive Institutes on High-Quality Part B Data were designed to empower Part B state teams with the most current information on improving results by building a culture of high-quality data and data use at state and local levels. The Interactive Institutes supported states in improving state capacity for meeting IDEA 618 and 616 data collection and reporting requirements and reporting and using results of SSIP evaluation data. The Interactive Institutes provided opportunities for state teams to learn from each other and TA providers about innovative data quality practices and tools states can use to achieve measurable and sustainable results for children and youth with disabilities and their families. While the focus of the Interactive Institutes was on Part B state team work, many of the materials shared and presented below and in the IDC Resource Library are appropriate for use by Part C state teams as well.

Get the Materials

The two Interactive Institutes had basically the same content and agenda. You can access the materials for each session below. Interactive Institute attendees also can access materials on the App they downloaded for the Interactive Institute they attended.

For more detailed search and filtering for Interactive Institute materials, visit the Resource Library | Download the Final Agenda PDF