About IDC

About IDC

IDEA Data Center is funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs to provide technical assistance to build capacity within states for collecting, reporting, analyzing, and using high-quality IDEA data.

Westat is the lead organization for IDC and has seven partners. Five of IDC's seven partners work directly with other OSEP-sponsored centers that provide TA, ensuring ongoing communication and coordination of efforts. In addition, IDC has expert consultants who bring deep knowledge and extensive experience about Part C and Part B data, data systems, policies, programs, and TA.

  • Provide a full range of TA to states to address the needs and challenges of states, school districts, and local early intervention programs related to IDEA data;
  • Support ongoing and rigorous examination of IDEA data quality;
  • Develop tools and products to support TA efforts and high-quality data capacity;
  • Communicate to the field about IDEA data quality issues through a state-of-the-art website; dissemination of tools and products; webinars; and presentations at national, regional, and state meetings; and
  • Provide leadership to the field in the area of IDEA data quality by working closely with OSEP, other ED offices, and other TA Centers to coordinate related TA.
Intended Outcomes
  • States will improve their capacity to meet data collection and reporting requirements.
  • States will implement rigorous data validation practices and procedures.
  • States will support and communicate with local IDEA data collectors about data quality.
  • States will accurately analyze data and use these data to report on current improvement efforts and inform future improvement activities in their State Performance Plans and Annual Performance Reports and for other planning purposes.
IDC Activity Areas
  • Leadership and Coordination

    IDC works with other OSEP-funded centers providing TA related to IDEA data quality to leverage the collective expertise and experience of all, maximize TA resources, and minimize duplication to ensure that TA is efficient and well organized and reflects the needs of state and local agencies and programs. As part of its leadership work, IDC engages a group of stakeholders with diverse perspectives on IDEA data collection, reporting, analysis, and use to inform IDC’s TA activities and its tools and products.

  • Communication and Dissemination

    IDC’s work in this Activity Area is central to providing universal/general TA to a broad audience. IDC’s primary vehicle for communication and dissemination is its website, www.ideadata.org. The website provides access to tools, products, webinars, and presentations; links to events and other sites; and IDEA data-related announcements. IDC maintains Part B and Part C IDEA Data Listserves that encourage members to communicate about data quality, collection, reporting, analysis, and use. Last, an important part of IDC’s dissemination is presentations at national, regional, and state conferences and meetings.

  • Tools and Products

    As part of its universal/general TA, IDC develops an array of tools and products across a breadth of topics related to IDEA Sections 616 and 618 data quality. These tools and products include resources about new and revised data requirements, interactive applications, topical reports, technical briefs, summaries of best practice research, webinars, and videos. IDC’s tools and products are designed to help states, school districts, and local early intervention programs with data collection, data validation, and use of data quality to inform monitoring and improvement planning. Visit the Resource Library.

  • Targeted and Intensive TA

    To complement the universal/general TA provided through the other Activity Areas, IDC provides targeted TA to states, school districts, and local early intervention programs that have a need related to IDEA data quality. IDC provides targeted TA through a state liaison model, using email and telephone, short-term consultation, and workshops, and interactive institutes on particular data quality topics. IDC provides intensive TA to states that have long-term and complex data challenges related to IDEA data collection, analysis, reporting, and use at state and local levels.

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