Part C Exiting Tool Resources

The Decision Tree

This PDF provides a basic understanding of the relationship between the 3 Part C Exiting reasons and the 10 Part C Exiting categories. View Document

The Part C Exiting Data Toolkit

This toolkit has three sections that include the 10 Part C Exiting categories; definitions, specific and general challenges with potential solutions, and state variation for each category; and data checking patterns to assist state agency staff locate irregularities in their data patterns. View ToolKit

The Part C Exiting Data Matrix: Categories with Child-Level Examples

This matrix includes specific scenarios to help states decide which exiting category is the most appropriate, and it can be used as a training tool. View Matrix

The EMAPS User Guide 6.1

This guide is the technical manual that describes the Part C Exiting data requirements for the Education Data Exchange Network (EDEN). The guide demonstrates the steps necessary to enter the IDEA Part C Exiting Collection data and navigate this survey in EMaps. View Guide

The Data Pre-submission Edit Check Tool

This tool is designed to assist states in preparing their Part C and Part B data submissions. States can use the tool to identify potential edit check errors or errors in subtotals or totals prior to submitting the data to OSEP. View Tool